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ZaxConvert transfer results in slow speed playback

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  • ZaxConvert transfer results in slow speed playback

    Hi All,

    I recorded some files on the Maxx without issue and when I converted them using Zaxconvert, or when playing back the WAV files straight off the card or off the car while it's still in the recorder, the playback speed is very slow. Wondering if this has happened to anyone else and whether someone has a setting in Audacity or other program where I could speed the file up to the correct speed and try to save this file. It is only for transcription purposes luckily but I'd like any insights as this is the second time this has happened to me in 2 years.

    Thanks for any info,


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    I had that issue happen to Maxx a couple times. What I was told was that the Maxx clock didn't boot up to 48k. Mine was randomly booting to like 42k without warning. I had to use a sample rate converter to fix my files. But I believe with the new firmware V 2.4 the issue is fixed.

    I have a CL900 being fed digitally from my Maxx. And was told that the CL900 would automatically do sample rate conversion. So with my Zax wireless and CL900 I had both my Isos and Mix tracks which I could pull when needed.
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