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Tape/Mono output only Pre-fader?

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  • Tape/Mono output only Pre-fader?


    I recently noticed that I am unable to feed the Tape/Mono output with anything else than pre-fader signals. This is quite a problem for my next job, and I would like to know if it's a regular specification, a software thing, or a user mistake.

    In the Tape/Mono bus assignment page, when I tick a crosspoint I see a cross (which is usually the symbol for post-fader routing), but it is pre-fader. And no way to get anything else, even when pressing the star key before or during...

    Any suggestion to solve this?

    I am using software v2.36

    Thanks a lot,

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    Wht happens if you route an output bus?


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      Hi Jack,

      Well when I route an output bus to Mono/Tape out, it behaves following my routing parameters in the Output Bus Assign page.
      I mean :
      When my input 1 is assigned pre-fader to Output Bus 1, then I assign this same bus to mono/tape out, I have a pre-fader behaviour.

      When my input 1 is assigned post-fader to Output Bus 1, then I assign this same bus to mono/tape out, I have a post-fader behaviour.

      This seems quite logical.

      But I'd like to route an input or several inputs directly to the mono/tape out and be able to chose whether it is pre or post-fader.

      Any idea?

      Still running 2.36 and forgot to mention that I have done a factory reset before those tests.

      Thank you all.


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        I also would like to see a choice X or P like the output bus.. I have been doing some small live audio/video to periscope / Facebook corporate events.
        I mix 2 up to 6 mics to the streaming box AND a PA system.. I have been using a Mackie mixer for this ( all is well with the world). But now they want to do some very portable hits & I would like the option to use my Maxx for this & feed a DC portable Speaker for PA with a post feed out the mono or tape out... Pre is not good for this
        Hope this could be doable. Thx. Don S


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          we hope in the next firmware...