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CF crash / Zaxcom Maxx

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  • CF crash / Zaxcom Maxx


    Yesterday I was shooting with a Zaxcom Maxx (2.16v) and Transcend 8GB CF 133x (TS8GCF133).Interior and not extreme conditions/temperatures. At afternoon after record about 29 files (3 tracks continuous mirroring) I tried to make a playback of a take and the Maxx crashed. A loud tone out on the headphones and the headphone knob didn't work so I had to unplug the hirose and the backup AA batteries to turn off the Maxx because it was blocked.

    I restart the Maxx and I saw something wrong when it switched on (Attached image). I couldn't listen any take because if I did that Maxx immediately get blocked and I had to make a hard reset like first time to turn it off. But I could see the metadata of all the takes but can not play any of them. In the card folders options I also could not see the names of the folders (all was white without letters)

    When I try to connect the card to a computer I can not see anything. I try to do the "partial format" that Howy recommend in forums but did not work (I can see the MARF folder now but Zaxconvert can not read it - structure fail)

    Finally I got the files (only the wavs without metadata) with a recovery software files in Windows but I do not feel confident in Maxx now because yesterday could be lost my work day.

    What could be the problem? The card? Should I have to update the firmware? Should I change the brand of my cards?

    I hope you can help me.

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