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MAXX version 2.36 (AES output router feature)

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  • KGraham045
    I would love the Maxx Record Routing page to be the same as the Nomad... the matrix makes more sence!

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  • Jeremiah Sheets
    Please place this in the "Bus" menu where the routing already is. I have to route different inputs to AES depending on input and unroute from an analog output at the same time. It doesn't make sense to have two routing menus, one of which is a convenient check box and the other an inconvenient list buried in a "mode" menu. This lacks consistency and convenience.

    While having the option to decide what goes to AES is nice (something I assumed was always an option because why wouldn't it be?), I see no reason to not just add "AES 1-4" to the check box options in the Bus menu.
    Simple is better, especially in the field.

    Thank you.

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  • howyhowy
    started a topic MAXX version 2.36 (AES output router feature)

    MAXX version 2.36 (AES output router feature)

    I posted Maxx_2.36 to the files thread. It adds an experimental AES output routing menu in the mode menu so you can choose what the AES outputs 1,2,3,4 do.

    2.36 Jun 29
    added AES output router in MODE menu
    removed restrictions on AES for the AES OUTPUT ATTEN and AES ROUTING menus

    2.34 Apr 6
    fixed problem with internal serial communications that could cause
    random strange behavior like the battery meter acting strange

    2.33 Mar 28 2016
    fixed some FAT32 file name mirroring problems that were introduced after v2.18

    2.32 Feb 2
    Fix for some Maxxs that have random movement of the auto trim LEDs due to noise faders