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  • Maxx 2.34

    I posted version 2.34 to the files thread.

    2.34 Apr 6
    fixed problem with internal serial communications that could cause
    random strange behavior like the battery meter acting strange

    2.33 Mar 28 2016
    fixed some FAT32 file name mirroring problems that were introduced after v2.18 that could make strange duplicate file names

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    The serial communications thing... Could that be why very rarely I get the low external voltage warning for no reason?


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      Feeling adventurous gonna put this on my Maxx tonight. Will let you know if I see any issues. (think I may have been suffering from duplicate file names issue.)
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        Yes, please report any troubles. I've had good luck with 2.26 and I'm afraid to update.


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          Might exFAT be a viable alternative to FAT32, and would it perhaps help to overcome file size limitations and folder name issues? (in my Sony A6300 i use cheap 64G Sandisk Extreme SDXC Class 10 UHS Class3 exFAT cards to record 4K...)


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            Been using 2.34 on location since April 10th, not noticed any issues. Though I've only been using a max of 4 channels through the shoot.


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              Hi Howey. I came across a bit of an issue on set the other day. At segment 500 the Maxx wouldn't let me record and I got an error message label B* I think. I swapped cards and continued but here is a video of the error when I put the effected card back in today.


              One thing to note, I wasn't doing file metadata because they weren't using a slate. The error appeared when I was about to record one that would be tabled take 200.

              The mirror mode was continuous and the filename style was 1_T2_Z001.wav.


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                Ordered a new CF Card. Suspect the issue i listed above might have just been caused by old card. Got a feature this week will let you know if it runs flawlessly .