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MAXX Mirroring creates Many Log Files

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  • MAXX Mirroring creates Many Log Files

    Hi All,

    Have been running Maxx with 2.27 for a few weeks without incident. Last week on 2 separate jobs the Mirror part of my card shows all the Audio files and many duplicate Log Files, sometimes as many as however many files I recorded.

    When I go to copy the files to a computer, I get an error message the file "Devami" already exists and the copy process can't continue. Basically since it's a copy of the same log file, the computer won't copy it more than once.

    My solution has been to manually select and drag only the Audio Files and the Sound Report instead of the easier drag and drop of a whole Day folder. No big deal except when I have to make sure a DIT also does this. I re-formatted the card and still have the same issue.

    I've attached a screen grab from my latest test after a re-format. Recorded 4 short files and have 1 DEVAMIRROR.LOG AND 3 DEVAMI~1.LOG which all say the same thing.

    I have re-formatted the card and done a Factory Reset on the Maxx.

    Grateful for any ideas or solutions.

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    Try going to 2.30. The log file name was changed.

    2.30 Dec 1
    removed postfader action in 96 and 192kHz sample rates (all tracks are pre-fader now)

    2.29 Nov 18
    changed DevaMirror.log file name to mirror.log to prevent oddities
    when copying to a computer

    2.28 Oct 20 2015
    fixed problem with record routing at 96kHz. Maxx would not change
    number of record channels away from what had been previously set at 48kHz.

    2.27 Oct 19 2015
    fixed transmitter so that it sends the proper frame rate to an RX200

    2.26 Jul 26
    added Scene and Take to home screen status
    replaced "File xx of 999" with "File xx" of yy" on mirror status line
    added timing delay to prevent "bskiperr1" errors

    2.24 Jul 4
    fixed serious problem with mirroring where mirrored file could close too soon if mirroring is very fast
    this tends to happen when mirroring only 1 or 2 channels


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      where is 2.30?


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        Thanks for the reply Howie. I'm always a few updates away from the latest one and had not made it to 2.29 yet. Will load it now,


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          Hi howy just checking on v2.28 is v2.30 considered issue free?..thanks..Richard


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            Also looking for 2.30. I can find only 2.28 on the Files and Downloads page.


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              Sorry, I just put 2.30 up there.


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                Thanks Howy.


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                  Not sure if it's the same problem but I've just had a similar issue when mirroring on the Maxx (v2.30). When mirroring my first folder it skipped all of the files and created multiple copies of the folder with nothing inside them. After changing the folder name by one letter (the folder name was short and had only letters) it mirrored across fine with no problem. Any ideas?




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                    There have been reports of mirror problems (like mirroring will not happen at all) with folder names that are exactly 8 characters long.
                    I would keep the folder names to 7 or less until I can figure out what is going on.


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                      Hi Howy,

                      Thank you for your response. As you described, a folder name with eight characters doesn't mirror across on my Maxx - a folder is created but just without any files in it. Interestingly, if I then change the folder name to say four characters, it still won't mirror across unless I first delete / trash the existing eight character folder from the card.

                      On a separate note, I was also having some problems with audio dropping out randomly on my recordings. Fortunately your v2.32 update seems to have fixed that - thanks again.

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