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  • FetHead and Maxx

    Hello Everyone.

    I am the happy owner of a Maxx... and a rather old (but so cute) microphone, Sennheiser MD413 which sensitivity is quite low.
    I order to play with this microphone, I bought a FetHead preamp by Triton Audio (, being attracted by the +27 dB that it can provide.
    Strangely, I got some crackling sounds, at low volume, but still audible in quietness. I tested with other dynamic microphones, and still have the crackling noise. I tested the FetHead and mikes with another recorder (Zoom H5) and preamp and it works without this noise.
    I contacted Triton Audio who asked me to check the voltage of the phantom power of the Maxx, and I found 43V. People at Triton said it is quite low and might cause the noise, but the specs of the preamp on their website mention that the FetHead would run between 12V and 48V.

    I am a bit confused and would like to know if anyone here use the FetHead.

    Best wishes from the rainy hills of Taipei,


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    I was looking into those Fethead preamps myself and that would be bad news if they appear to be incompatible with the Maxx.

    Anybody from Zaxcom or Maxx users care to comment about that phantom power value?
    Isn't 43V a little low? Is that normal?
    Is there any firmware way of changing the phantom power setting?



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      And just another reply from Triton Audio (I told them that the specs of their preamp mentions that it can take from 24 to 48V) :

      "It appears the Maxx is unable to source enough current."


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        You can change the resistors in maxx to increase the voltage.


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          Originally posted by Jack Norflus View Post
          You can change the resistors in maxx to increase the voltage.
          Thank you, Jack, that's interesting to know.
          But now, Triton audio person is speaking about current...
          Anyway, I won't modify my Maxx for using this preamp.