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  • Maxx 2.28

    I posted Maxx version 2.28 to the files thread...

    2.28 Oct 20 2015
    fixed problem with record routing at 96kHz. Maxx would not change
    number of record channels away from what had been previously set at 48kHz.

    2.27 Oct 19 2015
    fixed transmitter so that it sends the proper frame rate to an RX200

    2.26 Jul 26
    added Scene and Take to home screen status
    replaced "File xx of 999" with "File xx" of yy" on mirror status line
    added timing delay to prevent "bskiperr1" errors

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    I'm STILL having mirroring issues. Always refusing to mirror a few files. When I remirror, new ones go missing.
    I've updated 4 times now and I'm now about to update to 2.28 ...


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      Have you more than one mirror folder on card. ?.I've found I have to format and create a single new folder every day or I get mirroring errors latest firmware..I just use marf all the time but sometimes have to hand over wavs to sit with no time to zaxconvert...there is a massive question mark over mirroring in maxx having being screwed before with mirroring not complete, can't trust it 100% which is not good..saying that formatting and creating a single folder every day seems to work..


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        I've had it happen when using a single folder or multiple folders.
        Folder naming is always either just the date ("151221") or with two or three letters for the project followed by the date ("AB151221").
        New folder for each day. Sometimes it's single day jobs.

        File names are always simple. Usually standard scene names ("1A") or an interviewee's name ("Paterson").


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          updated Maxx to 2.30, always with bugs! when i re-mirror a folder it creates double the files ! any update soon ?


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            The double files are from names longer than the 8.2 DOS names. I will be fixing that. I think the double file name happens when a file with a long name is deleted.


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              My Maxx running 2.30 wont mirror more than 1 folder on a card
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                Originally posted by KGraham045 View Post
                My Maxx running 2.30 wont mirror more than 1 folder on a card
                Can you elaborate?


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                  Originally posted by Jack Norflus View Post
                  Can you elaborate?
                  I have version 2.30 on my Maxx. I have had the same issue for a couple weeks. Once I Format my card, I can choose 1 primary folder and then mirror that folder (Just like normal) but the next day when I choose another primary folder and then try to mirror (like normal) it won't mirror, mirror ON stays ON but nothing happens.

                  When I go to a Mac and use Zaxconvert I look at the card the first days folder is there (like normal) and there are a bunch of empty folders (like 6) with the second days folder name. I've just been using Zaxconvert to get the files


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                    Mirroring on the Maxx is a real nightmare for me at the moment too (am using version 2.32). Have tried different numbers of characters for folder names, seems quite random as to whether it mirrors or not. Have done folders with less than eight / more than eight characters, changed the first character so that it's different to existing folders, added numbers...also had the multiple empty folder scenario. Can't seem to find a reliable file naming system to guarantee the folder will mirror every time (please let me know if I'm missing a trick!).

                    Meanwhile I'm just using zax convert at the end of the day to be sure everything gets copied. Look forward to a fix for this - thanks,



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                      Been to 2.30 2.32 both gave me a lot of headache when mirroring,I guess I'll stay at 2.18 for a while