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  • Maxx Digital Output Routing

    Hi there,

    Just a quick question or request if you will ...

    Lately I am being confronted with a lot more shoots that require AES outputs to camera.

    I have been using the DB15 connector but find the lack of routing possibilities for that connector completely problematic.

    In theory we have 3 AES pair outputs on the Maxx, why on earth these are permanently fixed to pins on the DB15 connector is beyond me ...

    The reason why I am saying this is that most camera's only have the two xlr AES inputs, so either I send a mix to camera and can only supplement one extra pair of ISO's which is kind of pointless, or I can send ch 1-4 to the camera and provide only 4 ISO's ... not only does one require a different cable for each scenario, but it also prohibits you from making changes to this on the fly.

    Why don't we have an AES routing page in the BUS menu so we can route whatever input/output to any of these 3 AES pairs ? this would make all the difference to the machine and enable us to adapt to the ever changing workflows on set ...

    If there is a reason this cannot be done I would sure like to hear it, but if not I think this should be implemented asap as it's causing serious headaches on location.

    Kind regards,


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    Good question. Maybe they never finished that part of the Maxx and not many people use it so they moved on.


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      surely this should only be a simple software update ... HowyHowy ?
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        This is something I struggle also with. 90% of the jobs I do, have to be delevered on camera. Its an standard here to deliver 4 iso s on camera what i can t give.
        An solution should be great.

        Best Ton


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          A colleague pointed out to me that the AES outputs 1-4 may not just be direct outs of aes in 1-4 but rather reflect what is on card tracks 1-4, I have to build a new cable to verify this ... is there anyone who can shed some light on this ? If this is true then it does give us a tiny bit more flexibility, but the original question / request still remains valid as I don't want to necessarily have to assign sources to specific card tracks to get them on the right outputs, seems a bit of a nightmare that way ... also a lot of this would be clearer if in the manual next to the db15 pinout schematic it would say AES/CRD out 1/2 rather than just the AES out 1/2 ... take the guesswork out of it because there is not one letter in the manual dedicated to explaining how to control the AES outputs behaviour


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            Update on the DB15 / DE15 connector conundrum ... All quiet on the zaxcom front about this, so I decided to wire up some cables to figure this out through trial and error as there is absolutely zero info in the Maxx manual on the source of the AES outputs other than 1-4. Well, regretfully it turns out that this is a completely useless feature for those who need to provide 4 AES tracks to camera. Turns out they are not even connected to card tracks (this would have been a PITA but at least we'd have been able to route something specific to those tracks) ... what they are is just an AES version of the pre fader analog signal on faders 1-4. So if you were thinking of sending ISO tracks to camera, you can only send ISO's from your analog inputs over AES. No routing options at all ! This is a serious shortcoming and to me a deal breaker, so unless there is some commitment from zaxcom to fix this or create a way or routing any of the inputs (I use a combination of AES and analog inputs) to the outputs, then that's my Maxx up for sale after I finish my next job.


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              I've been told that the Maxx Digital Outputs mirror the Analog Outputs.


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                I'll vote for this as I need to use AES output too and this has never been done.Would be great to have the capacity to route AES output