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Store/Recall presets weirdness

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  • Store/Recall presets weirdness

    I have updated to 2.13 and everything seemed fine. But recently I have been on a show which required quick turnarounds and changes. So I have stored the two most common setups in the Maxx so I can quickly change the routing, pans, faders etc. However, it has been very glitchy, sometimes with red writing on the boot up screen, then the routing and pans all wrong. Sometimes it works, but it is very unstable. So either 2.13 changed something, since I never had a problem with this before, or I am doing something different - which is possible - I realised that this is the first time i have used inputs 5 & 6, allocating fader 4 to control both channels output levels. This is saved in one of the setups, and i noticed that when the writing is red on the boot screen that it references faders. I am wondering if when the Maxx was updated to add inputs 5 & 6, the setup memories were not updated to cope with the extra inputs, especially on the fader screen - this would explain why it has suddenly gone weird.