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  • Maxx 2.14

    I posted Maxx version 2.14 to the Files thread.

    2.14 Nov 11
    fixed accuracy of TC SLATE page
    fixed accuracy of beep in TC SLATE page
    fixed accuracy of mirrored file timecode stamps

    2.13 Oct 29
    fixed sound report data being shifted over by one column relative to titles
    reduced sensitivity if auto trim fader movement

    2.12 Oct 23
    When VFADER CYCLE is set to RET5,6 MAXX will skip AES input Virtual FADER choices

    Added more Mirror file name types...

    Increased folder name size to 19 chars
    Fixed SLATE MIC gain not being saved after a power cycle

    2.09 Oct 20
    Added limited Zaxnet support via Timecode Output
    In the ZAXNET SETUP menu turn on Zaxnet to see ZNET-TRIM and ZNET-FREQ
    settings when you press the SETUP key
    Zaxnet Commands will be sent out the Timecode BNC connector (when TC BNC MODE = OUTPUT)
    The Zaxnet Group code is determined by the external IFB Transmitter, not by Maxx

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    thanks Howie for the ultra speedy fix marvellous service! onya!


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      Okay, so I read about the 'limited' Zaxnet support for the MAXX with great interest. However, I am confused as to what the update will permit us to do. I hope folks will confirm the details I will ask about...

      #1 the MAXX needs to be outfitted with the optional wireless transmitter, correct?
      #2 will the 'limited' Zaxnet permit the MAXX to provide timecode and two channels of audio to multiple ERX2TCDs?
      #3 if the MAXX will now communicate with the ERX2TCD, will the MAXX also communicate with wireless transmitters, the IFB200, and all things Zaxnet?
      #4 is the MAXX operating wirelessly via the 2.4GHz network then, in addition to whatever frequency block you have your MAXX setup with on its wireless transmitter?
      #5 So if the MAXX will indeed communicate with all things Zaxnet, then I should be able to buy ERX2TCDs to deliver IFB, camera hops and timecode from the MAXX without buying an IFB200 (unless I want more Zaxnet channels), right?

      I do not currently have anything operating on Zaxnet, but I want to get into it. If this new update to the MAXX will provide me with the means, then this really is an awesome update.

      Anyway, I hope some people will respond to me questions and corroborate, dispel and elaborate of the ways to use Zaxnet with the MAXX. Thanks.


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        Hi howy, thankd for that how much wete the mirrored stamp files out by?..bit worrying ive been handing in mirrored files..thanks..richard


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          Puffer, unfortunately you cannot do what you suggest. If you opt for the internal transmitter card, it is purely an audio transmitter, it does not have zaxnet. If you want zaxnet the only way is to add an external box - either the camera link for audio, timecode and zaxnet, or the ifb200 for just zaxnet and timecode. That is why I have no interest in zaxnet - if the Maxx had it, I would buy a couple of ERX's, but to get that you have to spend a lot of money, it is just not worth it when there are other more cost effective and practical solutions. Zaxcom dropped the ball there, refusing to put zaxnet in the Maxx and keeping it for the Nomad, when it would make more sense to have a family of products all with the same system. Certainly they would sell more ERX's etc. So if you want zaxnet, you have to invest a significant sum, which may be worth it if you don't already have a hop, but as I do, it doesn't make sense for me.


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            thank you for filling me in on the missing information. It is as I feared. Bummer.

            However, in my case I do NOT have camera hops, so this may still have value to me. But it is a lot of $$$ for various hardware. I have worked with many Lectro rigs for reality TV stuff (up to about 50 at one time!) and there are some inherently limiting features on the non-digital wireless systems that makes the Zaxcom stuff very enticing. If I can swing it, I will only be adding Zaxcom wireless to my rig in the future, to supplement the Lectro units I already own. Built in recorders, time code and the clarity of a digital signal all make the extra money seem worth while. But I am not there yet, so maybe in time I will be forced to change my mind!

            Ideally I will have ERX2TCD and IFB200 for wireless hops, time code distribution and IFB for my clients. Again, time, cost constraints and client needs will ultimately determine what way I go on this stuff.

            I agree, it seems short sighted that Zaxcom did NOT include and fully support Zaxnet for the MAXX. What a shame for better integrating the network amongst all their products. They probably would have sold more units long term if they had provided the value added features to the MAXX. I guess engineers are not always the best at marketing. : )


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              Before you take the plunge be aware of the range of zaxnet if that is important for you - see jwsound, and check out the Facebook page for zaxcom and have a look at at the thread about the connectors on the ERX.


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                I've seen a lot of complaining about spending money to add zaxnet to the maxx, but the maxx would likely cost that much more to integrate the zaxnet hardware inside the box. Also doesn't seem like there is physically enough space. Adding zaxnet to the tc stream is a great solution that enhances the maxx's capability considerably.


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                  So I have done more reading about the Zaxnet stuff, IFB200, ERX2TCD and all the wireless transmitters/ receivers. Yesterday I had a discussion at Trew Audio regarding the gear and I had the opportunity to handle the items in person. Specs aside, in person the items in question seem like they are maybe not as solid in the chassis build as say a Lectro unit, but they are smaller, lighter weight and do more tasks, so those are all things in the favor of the Zax gear. Ultimately, when I am ready to take the plunge, I will get a demo of the parts for the system at Trew Audio and that will sell me completely or make me choose something else.