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Timecode display: 3 frames off...

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  • Timecode display: 3 frames off...

    Done a commercial the other day, shooting with RED which didn't bring a TC input cable along.
    Put everyone on freerun TOD & said: "No worries, just film my display at the start, and we all be happy dayz".
    In Post it turns out we are 3 frames off.
    So I've done a test:
    Recorded video + LTC only audio [via a synced Mozegear TIG TC generator] on my tablet, and used DaVinci Resolve to read, reintegrate TC and merge the A/V clips. successfully.
    Traditional clapper confirms frame sync.
    Clip inspection on timeline (Premiere Pro CS6) confirms: MAXX TC 'clapper' display and actual timecode are 3 frames offset. (see picture)
    Maybe previous changes in processing speeds have created this?
    FYI: 'Display Speed' = SLOW ...>could that have anything to do with it?? (I've done this to preserve CPU power; as you cannot tell what the load is with features enabled; a simple 'CPU=xx%' on the main display could help removing this guess work..)
    Could this please be fixed asap, this looks unprofessional in the eyes of clients & production IMO.
    PS: still running 2.06 [last 'official release-non beta'] - but will update to new beta..because of foldernames (thank you!)
    ​PPS: if we could have FILE NAME STYLE=[UserBits], there would be no problems with identical / overwriteable file names, as they can be incremental...

    Anyone who ownes a TC clapper, could you please confirm this? (Maxx TC out -> stills image of both clapper & display)? This test setup is quite cumbersome & time consuming...
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    Ran test maxx tc out generator to denecke slate set to read with 1 frame compensated selected and its spot on with tc display..


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      Thanks r. for doing those tests (for all of us). Could you please tell me:
      What's your display speed set at? [MENU>ENG>ADVANCED>DISPLAY SPEED]
      Does it make any difference if it's set to SLOW or FAST?
      Which way did you frame-compensate the Denecke?
      If you change the TC display on the MAXX to the detail page: Do you see the same identical TC from the generator?
      Could you pls enlighten me, there's a bug somewhere and it needs to be fixed another shoot on Wed, (with new beta software..) and would love to know...


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        Hello unfortunately away for next couple of weeks vant to further tests processor set to SLOW..richard


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          K, thanks Richard, thanks for helping out & being proactive, maybe the Zaxcom people can shed a light? Howie? pretty please?


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            I am checking it now.

            Note the SLOW display speed should not influence the special SLATE page.

            I think I see a problem with the synchronization of the tone beep when you press the menu key in the SLATE page but it sounds like you are not using that feature.

            Note that if you want sub-frame accuracy using the "Point the camera at the SLATE page" feature you need to press the menu knob to trigger a beep at exactly the second boundary. By just filming any running TC display you will be off by a + or - one frame randomly due to video aliasing (unless your camera is running at 1000 frames per second).

            From what I see now I think the beep is no longer accurately synchronized with the zero second turnover point.



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              thanks for looking into this Howie!
              No, I'm not using audible beep to synchronize. just visual slate. Yes, and I understand that it can be off a frame because of different Zero start points, but 3(!) frames off is not acceptable.
              I remember vaguely some posts relating to this issue on JWsoundgroup. Will see if I can dig them out.
              If you don't have a TC slate, surely you can test with 2 machines, Maxx as master the other as reader. Take a snapshot of the displays and we'll find out!


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                [Beta] 2.14 seems to have resolved the issue.
                pic below shows Maxx TC display and TC display on a slaved C300 identical. The actual image on the viewfinder is lagging behind..but that's not surprising, and is (probably) not like this in the recorded vision file.


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                  Just updated my Nomad firmware to 7.26 which is supposed to correct the problem as well ,but I'm not very sure it has been solved (I haven't set my slate with the +1 frame compensation option) and I'm still getting a 2 frame difference


                  I remember doing a similar test back in December 2013 (probably with 6.18 firmware) and it was working perfectly TC was spot on !

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