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Error message prevents mirroring

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  • Error message prevents mirroring

    Hey Guys!
    I just had this issue earlier today. After turning off mirroring to change some settings, I received an error message flashing at the mirror line (mir_z2bwp_pauderr). From then on I wasn't able to turn on mirroring until I restarted the Maxx. All the tracks have mirrored though and everything sounds fine, I just wanted to see what this error message meant since it hasn't appeared before.

    I was running v2.06 with a 32GB Transcend. What does this message mean?


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    That means the mirror process found some corrupted audio in the MARF files and it sounds like it could not figure out how to power through the error.
    It could be some random corruption on the card, or it could be a bad connection in the CF card slot.
    You should copy all the files to a hard drive and reformat the card as soon as you can to make sure there is no corruption that could creep up on you later.