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which harness with stingray?

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  • which harness with stingray?



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    That is a very personal choice. There are many good harnesses you should try as many as you can.


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      thanks Jack, but where I'am I do not have easy access to different models, so any suggestions would be welcome.


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        Hey there Stefano,

        I have an older Portabrace harness I am using. I am not all that fond of it and end up using a portabrace shoulder strap most of the time instead. I think it is mainly due to how I like to work: I like to set the bag down when I have an opportunity and the harness sort of locks me into wearing the bag. It is clumsy to remove the bag when I am harnessed in place.

        I used a Petrol harness on a different bag last week. I thought it was a bit more sturdy than the older Portabrace harness I own, but I was still not very excited about getting locked into wearing the bag. The Petrol harness seemed a bit more comfortable as well.

        The newer Portabrace harnesses I have seen look a bit more robust and comfortable than what I have.

        I think ANY harness will work with the stingray bag. (I have a Stingray for my MAXX). There are a lot of contact point/ loops on the stingray bag for the harnesses or straps to connect. I really think it is a good design as it permits us to find a good point to balance the bag's weight where the straps or harnesses connect to it.

        ----Matt/ Puffer Fish