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z-net menu layout on Maxx( through TONE button )

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  • z-net menu layout on Maxx( through TONE button )

    first of all,congratulations to Glenn and Howy, the zax-net finally built-into Maxx now. It's brilliant.

    I played with it a bit,currently the analog input 1 aim for unit code 1, digital input 1 aim for unit code 5, we have to press "setup" then the unit code number to get there,then scroll the MENU knob then choose "z-gain"or "z-freq". It's fine,it works,takes about 5-6 times button press.

    I'm wondering as the TONE button on the panel,which is handy but just for TONE on/off is quite a waste. Is that possible Howy can create a page by press TONE button once,then we go to a page just for Zax-gain, layout unitcode 1-8, gain change only this page,then press the TONE button again,we go to the zax-freq change page to make change for 1-8's freq. Press TONE button for 1 or 2 second would engage tone on/off. This way we only need to press button 2 times to get access to control all the zax-units. Which would save a lot of time on the fly.

    also, for the QRX's main menu page,i think i need to see both the TRX gain number on the main status menu as well so I can be sure that gain has changed. I rarely need to monitor the level through QRX,maybe we can cut it half or 1/3 off for display the gain number ?

    best regards