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Maxx Routing Issue

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  • Maxx Routing Issue

    I'm having an issue accessing all my channels in the field using a mix of AES and analog inputs. I could not access the GAIN on my fourth AES input from the virtual faders. Very weird and counter intuitive. Could anyone shed some light on this or a better way?

    I'm going for 1 channel boom, 4 AES QRXs and 1 Analog QRX.

    Record Routing:
    1: Out 1
    2: Out 2
    3: Analog 1 Prefader
    4: AES 1 Prefader
    5: AES 2 Prefader
    6: AES 3 Prefader
    7: AES 4 Prefader
    8: Analog 5 Prefader

    Fader Routing:
    Fader 1: Analog Input 1 (Boom)
    Fader 2: Digital Input 1 (QRX 1)
    Fader 3: Digital Input 2 (QRX 2)
    Fader 4: Digital Input 3 (QRX 3)

    So, I figured I could then adjust AES 4 (QRX 4) via Virtual Fader, but when I cycle through I cannot access the GAIN, only the fader. Virtual fader for 5 works fine (both gain and fader).

    What am I missing?

    Thank You!

    All good thoughts,

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    yep no virtual fader for AES gain.

    Gain for AES inputs are in setup menu, p48 on the manual:

    "Digital Input Setup
    When in the Setup menu if you press the PFL key for the corresponding AES input number will take you to the digital
    setup menu for each of the digital inputs.
    So pressing PFL for fader 1 will take you to the input setup menu for AES 1, pressing PFL for fader 2 will take you to the
    setup menu for AES 2, fader 3 for AES2 and 4 for AES 4.
    The AES setup menu has the same parameters the analog setup menu has with the exception of the input type option."