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Folks with the AES input option on their MAXX---is it useful?

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  • Folks with the AES input option on their MAXX---is it useful?

    I did not have the wireless transmitter/ AES input option added to my MAXX when I purchased it, opting to add that stuff at a later date. I am anxious to have the wireless option so I can also send timecode via my camera hop, so no matter how useful the AES input is/ is not, I will have the work done at some point in the (hopefully near) future.

    Anyway, I am wondering how useful folks using the digital inputs find that feature on the MAXX? Does it integrate very well to the fader and channel options? Is it a better input source than say inputs 5/6? I read some complaints regarding the nuances of the AES inputs on the MAXX. I am very interested in reading people's comments on the AES input option.

    I do use the AES output option on my MAXX from time to time and I find it to be a nice feature.

    Thank you.

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    Yes, I use it and it is very handy when you need more inputs. I use a Mix Pre D in order to get a stereo decoded MS in via digital inputs 1 and 2. This, of course leaves your 4 existing analog inputs available.


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      Ah, the Mix Pre D! I had considered this as a solution for inputting audio into the AES inputs on the MAXX. But of course I need to upgrade my MAXX first. I also thought the AJA A/D converter would be a good bag solution for the MAXX.

      Maceasy----do you find the AES inputs more useful than simply using inputs 5/6? Is there some better way for controlling the audio inside the MAXX via AES that I am not aware of? Obviously using the Mix Pre D provides a whole bunch of extra functionality before the signal ever gets into the MAXX… but one could do the same via the 5/6 inputs, couldn't you? What is the advantage of using the AES inputs?


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        Puffer - yes I do find the AES inputs much better, but that is because, as you say, I have external control of the signal going in - I can decode it, set up the levels so that my input level is on the Mix Pre, and then only need one fader to control sending the stereo signal to the output. Of course I could do all this by going in analog 5 and 6, using the same controls, but as i have the facility to go in AES I figure I might as well use it - it is tidier cable wise. I am still waiting for the promised improvements to inputs 5 and 6 before I really use them - I think once this happens (?), then it is likely that you might not need a fully equipped external mixer, but maybe just a small couple of rotary pots, if even that. The great thing about the Mix Pre is that it is a Swiss Army knife of audio, which gives you all sorts of extra options in the field, and can function as an emergency 4 channel mixer if you run into trouble. So it is worth getting for lots of reasons apart from the Maxx, but it does work very well with the Maxx to give you extra inputs with full control. And it is not heavy.


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          Maceasy---thanks again for your input. I appreciate it.


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            I bought an aja a/d for that purpose the aja is very noisy, also got a tiny miranda a/d which was. very Quiet but bled rf everywhere so back to using 5/6..i cant be the only one wishing we could just select 5 or 6 or both 5 and 6 only for virtual fader..its so frustrating....richard


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              Richard, I wish we had better control over inputs 5/6 as well. I wish there was a way to toggle hardware fader assignments, like it is 1 thru 4 and then hit a key and it is now 5 thru 8…. one fader for each track like on a big mixing console. All the digital mixing consoles do something like this for stacked menus and stacked or layered fader controls. It seems like a simple solution for our problem.


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                I like using the aes in for my wireless, once I can pfl them I will be very happy


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                  No PFL on AES inputs. Ouch, I forgot about that.