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  • Maxx pfl 3

    I can't figure out why my pfl 3 doesn't follow the fader assignment. No matter what input is assigned to fader 3, analog or digital, it pfl's digital in 3. The other pfl's work as expected. Is this unique to my maxx? Any suggestions? I've gone through my settings and can't find anything that affects it. Changing record routing and fader assignments has no effect. Thanks Kelsey

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    Upon further testing, it's not just pfl3. I can pfl digital 1 on faders 1 & 2, but I can only pfl analog 1 on fader 1. I will try a full factory reset when I'm done on set. Running maxx v2.07


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      Factory reset had no affecct. Anyone else having pfl issues on their maxx?


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        I played a little with PFLs. What I understand is that PFL are links with their respective inputs (A or D) and with the fader assign.

        Exemple: on PFL1 you only could PFL Analog input 1 (if fader assign 1 is set to A1) or digital input 1 (if fader assign 1 is set to D1). etc...

        As for PFL 3&4, The bug maybe related to the bug concerning AES 3&4 inputs I related on my post "AES input issues"
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          The fader assign should follow the fader assignments. I can PFL Digital 1 on fader 2, but not on faders 3 & 4.