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  • Maxx not keeping TC…

    Not exactly a question or request but i just wanted to share this with you: as my Maxx wasn't keeping date & TC when switched off and on again, so i decided to look into the clock battery…
    As i only found instructions to change the clock battery on the Nomad on this forum i undertake taking the Maxx apart in the same way, only to discover after a while that it's the left side that had to be unscrewed… (I don't complain, that was on occasion for looking inside!)

    And then (and that's were i complain) o surprise, the TC is not holding simply because there is no clock battery at all… I know i should have realized this sooner but retrospectively it explains a lot.

    Maybe some pictures and clear explainations on how to change clock batteries on each device? And in the manuals?
    Not that it's so hard to figure out, but i lost an hour…

    Anyway, thanks a lot, Zaxcom. Now off to the battery store. I'll send you the invoice.

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    Ok so i went to the store, i got a battery, i figured out which way i was supposed to put it in… And now i have a machine that can tell me what time it is!
    And interesting thing: all these words you don't have enough time to read when the Maxx boots, it was all red and yellow and now it's all green and yellow!

    So if you see some red text on boot that could mean you have to change the battery.