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  • AES input issues

    Hi Howy,

    I just made my AES breakout cable (DB -15pin to 6 XLR3) for my Maxx and tested it with my digital mixer Tascam DM24. I have two issues:

    _ AES IN 1&2 work fine (pre, post ok with virtual faders or fader assign)
    but with AES IN 3&4, virtual faders 3&4 don't work so even with virtual faders 3&4 at - infinite, AES 3&4 (allthough I put them "post fader" in the bus routing) are always in the mix. But
    soon I assign faders (in fader assign) for AES 3&4 all becomes fine on pre or post. So it seems a software issue with virtual faders 3&4.

    _ second issue is more strange: AES mix IN only work with the Left signal and is inverted because it's the Right signal of my DM24 which is transmitted at the Left to the output Bus of the Maxx. No signal at the Right of the output Bus of Maxx. I rechecked my breakout cable with a tester and the pin5 is well connected at the hot point 2 (+) and the pin15 is well connected at the cold point 3(-) from the XLR3 and the pin 8 to the pin1 from the XLR. So I don't know if it's a software issue, a hardware issue or an error in the Diagram in the manual of the Maxx?

    All the Maxx's AES output (AES 1,2,3,4 and mix out) work fine

    I have the last maxx's software 2.07 installed.

    Please let me know,


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    I agree the LINK IN feature also only works on my LEFT ch on the AES input,i thought was my cable.......


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      Thanks Cloud Wang for confirm this issue. I hope this is not hardware...


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        Another interesting discover tonight .

        While I played with fader Assign page, I discovered that we could assign inputs 5D & 6D aka AES 5&6 (aka AES mix IN) to any fader. So for test it, I put 5D on fader 3 and 6D on fader 4 and this allowed me to see in the input meter page, the input levels for the AES mix IN (named aswell AES5 & AES6). As we know it's a direct AES Mix In, neither the faders nor the trim have effect on those inputs levels, but it shows me that AES mix IN 5&6 both working but as I said in my first post, AES6 is direct inject to the Left Output Bus (1) (instead of the right) and AES5 ins't inject at all to the output Bus.

        So that's a good point to know this is a software issue as for AES 3&4 virtual faders bug .
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          Mmmm,interesting found...maybe Howy could chime in ??


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            I will have to look at it. I wonder if this has been happening for a long time or only on recent firmware versions.


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              Since last year in Sept,Oct I already used my mix-preD to be the digital link in feed(only LEFT ch can get through),so I don't think it's recent software.


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                I think I found the problem.
                Could you try this version and see if this fixes it?


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                  Hi Howie,

                  Maxx-208 perfect fixes the AES Mix IN.
                  But AES IN 3&4 are still only Pre Virtual Faders 3&4.
                  AES IN 1&2 are still working fine (pre or post vf).