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AES outputs routing

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  • AES outputs routing

    Hi, has anyone used the AES outputs?
    I have a Maxx in 2.02, without the AES inputs (but it supposed to have the AES outs).
    I can't find anything in the manual about routing a signal to them.
    I would have liked to send a couple of inputs to one of them, to use my maxx as a preamp / digital converter.
    Is there anyone with info about that?


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    AES routing follows the analog routing


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      Originally posted by Jack Norflus View Post
      AES routing follows the analog routing
      Ok so Mic in 1 trim -> ADC -> AES out 1, 2 in 2, and so on.

      No internal patch, is that right?


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        I would upgrade to 2.04B. there may be a bug in 2,02 regarding AES outs.


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          I would like to revisit this subject, as I have a cable intended to go AES out from Maxx (v2.07) to AES in of IFB200, but no luck yet getting it to work.
          This particular cable is wired for Maxx AES pair 1/2 to IFB200 pins 1-2-3 (Digital "L" input)...I visually inspected the cable and the pin assignments seem OK.
          Sending tone to all Maxx card tracks and outputs but nothing comes in to the IFB200.


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            Is anyone successfully using the Maxx AES outputs, and if so would you please report your software version and relevant details of your configuration?


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              I have used the AES outputs on my MAXX a number of times. As Jack noted earlier in this thread, the AES channels follow the analog routing. It works very well and presents a great option for delivering audio into an AES input device.

              I must share with you though, when I initially tried to use the AES outputs on my MAXX I ran into a lot of problems. It turned out that my MAXX was missing functionality the permit AES outputs. I had to send it back to ZAXCOM for them to correct the problem. It would come as no surprise to me that more than one MAXX rolled of the assembly line with the same issue.

              To test your MAXX and the AES output: you will need a second device the outputs AES audio. You will need the break out cable for the MAXX where AES will be delivered. And of course you will need your MAXX and a AES receiving device. Try out the second device and verify that your receiving device is registering the audio. Then try your MAXX via the breakout cable. If it does not work, then I am willing to bet you are missing the functionality you paid for.

              The folks at Trew Audio helped me trouble shoot my situation. They took care of sending my MAXX back to Zaxcom. I actually had no direct contact with Zaxcom on this issue, but they certainly made the hardware corrections without any complaints.

              Good luck sorting through the issue. With any luck, you already have the functionality and simply need to hook everything up correctly. Otherwise you will be out of business with your MAXX for a couple weeks. : (


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                After troubleshooting with the help of my dealer, we determined that my Maxx was working OK, but my IFB200 was not. Sent IFB200 back to Zaxcom for "modifications and updates" and now all is well.