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  • runtime error & Autotrim

    my Maxx crashed several times today with a runtime error. Just got it back from Zax after it blew two power chips. Worked fine the other day, updated it to 1.40 last night. after lunch on a shoot today I fired up the mirror and got the error. Each time I tried to mirror, art some point it would crash again.

    As for the autotrim - it randomly changes channels. Just hops from one to the other. Works fine but totally disconcerting and annoying. And, this behavior was evident before the power chips flatlined on me previously.

    What does this mean? Please advise. Should I downgrade the firmware?


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    I would restore factory defaults and see if that clears the problem. Also use a different memory card.

    If that does not do it give us a call.



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      Are you mirroring MONO or POLY files? I have heard of some issues when using MONO file mode (I think).

      You could try downgrading software and a factory recall and if that does not help we may need to look at the unit to see if there is something else wrong that we missed.



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        Mirroring POLY.

        Put in a new card and restored factory defaults but kept firmware on 1.40.

        No crashes yet, but autotrim is now bouncing back to channel 2.

        See movie here:

        At :26 you will see the autotrim change to channel 2 for the first time.....



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          Powered down and then came back and recorded some more.... No issues now.

          Can't say I feel confident in the autotrim issue tho.


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            We should look at the unit.
            The auto trim should not bounce around.
            Looks like a hardware problem.


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              Can I send it directly or do I have to go through Professional Sound Service, the reseller?


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                I've further isolated the issue: It only shows up if an input is potted up. If a channel is faded all the way down, it will not bounce to that channel.....