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  • MAXX v1.39

    I fixed serious a bug that was introduced in v1.35....This firmware is in the Files and Downloads thread.

    1.39 Nov 11
    Fixed prefader card tracks not acting as prefader (broken in 1.35)

    1.37 Nov 6 ** DO NOT USE **
    NEW FEATURE: When in PLAYback mode, if a Headphone Preset exists
    called "PLAY" the unit will automatically switch to that preset and
    switch back when Stopped.

    1.36 Nov 6 ** DO NOT USE **
    smoothed out trim adjustment to reduce noise

    1.35 Nov 5 ** DO NOT USE **
    fixed LCD not being upside down in big timecode display screen on new Maxx LCDs
    made Faders act smoother

    1.32 Oct 10
    added GPI input pin support (in MODE menu)