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  • Maxx v1.37

    Note there may still be a problem with the Maxx remembering timecode accurately after a power cycle in some circumstances.

    1.37 Nov 6
    ** NEW FEATURE ** When in PLAYback mode, if a Headphone Preset exists
    called "PLAY" the unit will automatically switch to that preset and
    switch back when Stopped.

    1.36 Nov 6
    smoothed out trim adjustment to reduce noise

    1.35 Nov 5
    fixed LCD not being upside down in big timecode display screen on new Maxx LCDs
    made Faders act smoother

    1.32 Oct 10
    added GPI input pin support (in MODE menu)

    1.30 Oct 8
    fixed ENG home screen pan for digital inputs (was assigning returns instead of digital inputs)

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    What is the GPI input for?


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      For remote controlling RECORD / STOP with an external toggle switch.


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        What about the possibility to send the slate only to mono/tape out?


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          v1.37 did something weird to my Maxx. No matter how I routed the inputs to the tracks they were always postfader. If I routed them prefader, they recorded post fader to all tracks, and the iso's were 10db less then outputs. Even with iso attenuation off. Not sure if I am missing something, like a setting. Factory restore didn't change anything. Any ideas?

          I restored back to v1.30 and everything is fine again.

          Also noticed lag with a fast fade. Maybe a half second or so. with both versions. Other then the afore mentioned problems this is a marvelous piece of gear.



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            I had same thing v1.37 reported it to howy, rrturns also dont work in v1.37, gone back to v1.30 gor time being....richard