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  • Nomad / Mix-8 Support

    Software v2.95 for Nomad is up on our website, this version includes support for the Mix-8. Zaxcom does not officially support Mix-12 use, but you can utilize the faders, trim pots and input meters.

    Unfortunately, units will need a PLD of v56 for the functionality to work, any serial # higher than 10240 has this already. I highly recommend you DO NOT send your unit in for this update unless you already own or are purchasing a Mix-8. You can still update software and use your Nomad like normal without it.

    ***Please note, when switching on the Nomad and Mix-8 you have to power the Nomad first or them both at the same time. You can't have the Mix-8 powered on when plugging the unit into the Nomad or the Nomad won't work.

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    I just jumped on the band wagon and bought a Nomad 12 and a Mix 8 ( serial#'s 10769 / 1147 ). In spite of the manual, I figured out how to use it. And this is what I'm writing about. Clearly the pace of innovation at your company far outpaces your ability to document features and update manuals.
    Have you considered creating a Wiki? A place where your users could create the manuals under your supervision? This would take a lot of pressure off of your limited resources. Because the manuals are so far behind the actuality, that in many cases the words I read are not just not right, they're not even wrong.


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      An important note about the Nomad and the Mix 8. When you come off the cart and go into portable mode, It is important to turn off the Mix 8 in the Nomad 'Mode' menu before you disconnect. I you do not do it in this order, when you turn on the Nomad in your bag, no tracks that are post fader will be operational. Further, if at this point you turn off the Mix 8 in the 'Mode' menu, you will need to reboot the Nomad before the post fader tracks work. Sometimes you will need to do this process twice before it takes. See above note.......
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        Dwight, what software are you running? I'm running 6.34, and with the new fader routing, I don't have to turn the Mix8 off in the mode menu, or restart. I just clear the fader assignments and set the rotary fader cross points. Having the Mix8 turned on in the mode menu used to disable the Nomads rotary's, but not anymore.


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          In 6.34 the mix8 enable menu no longer does anything since the software automatically detects its presence now.


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            It seemed like that was the case. I'm guessing the Mix8 menu item will be removed at some point?